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The BFI aims to provide an excellent value for participants staying on or off campus. Students staying on campus will be housed in the university’s modern residence halls, have access to a range of services and amenities provided by residence life, and residential students have all of their meals provided (meal plans are optional for commuters). Tuition also includes the cost of college credit. Coupled with the focus on personalized instruction, low student-faculty ratios, and rigorous training, our costs offer participants a remarkable and competitive value.

One and Two Week Options

The one week session is July 9-16, 2017. The two week session is July 9-23, 2017. Students who participate in the one-week session will focus primarily on fundamentals of forensics and basics in their event. In the second week, students will receive advanced training and additional practice rounds in their event.


Registration Type

(July 9-16)

(July 9-23)

BFI Resident:*
Includes tuition, 3 meals per day, and accommodations in the residence halls*

Residential registration is only available to students entering the 9th grade and above.



BFI Commuter:
Includes tuition only.



Optional Meal Plan for Commuters



Non-refundable Application Fees



*For Coaches’ Clinic pricing, click here.

  • When registering, you may choose to pay by credit card at the time of registration or by check. Attendees paying by check must submit a payment deposit equal to half their total cost of attendance within two weeks of registration, and must pay in full in accordance with the deadlines below.

Dates to Remember*

April 15, 2017:
Early Registration Deadline – Includes a 10% early registration discount. Use the discount code, “EARLY10.” To receive the early registration discount, payment must be received by credit card at the time of registration. 

May 7, 2017:
Full Refund Deadline – After this date, full refunds will not be available for canceled registrations. Until June 7th, 50% of your total costs of attendance will be refunded.

June 7, 2017:
Registration and Payment Deadline – All payments and registration forms are due. Unpaid registrants will be dropped on this date. Applications received or reinstated after June 7 will be assessed a 20% late fee.


* All required materials must be submitted by 5:00PM MST on the day indicated.

Register early, spaces fill fast!

Refund/Cancellation Policy

The payment and registration deadline for the BFI is June 7th, 2017. The BFI will not offer refunds (partial or full) after June 7th, 2017. Participants wishing to enroll after June 7th will incur a 20% late fee. This fee will also apply to applications that were submitted before, but not completed by, June 7th.


February 1-May 7: 100% refund (excluding the $75 application fee)

May 7-June 7: 50% refund (excluding the $75 application fee)

June 7-July 24: No refunds (partial or full) will be offered after June 7th

Registration Changes

Once payment has been received, there will be a penalty for any changes made to your registration. All penalties will be in addition to any amount already paid for attendance at the institute. As space permits, changes may be made until June 7th for a fee of $50 per change (e.g., number of weeks, event registered, etc.). After June 7th, no changes to registration will be permitted with the exception of students wishing to add a second week of the institute. A second week can be added on an “as available” basis. If you need to make a registration change, email us immediately.

Early Registration Discount

Early Registration: Register AND pay by April 15th and you will receive a 10% discount on your BFI tuition and fees. Use the code “EARLY10” at the time of registration to secure this discount.


Other Costs

Students wishing to park their vehicle on campus will be required to purchase a parking permit from the University of Utah, utilizing their online parking permit system available by clicking here. Parking on campus is not managed by the BFI and the BFI can assume no responsibility for tickets or damages incurred while parking on campus.

Meal plans are included in the cost of residential tuition. They are optional for commuters. Meal plans can be purchased at the time of registration. Students may also add meal plans at check-in. However, a $10 late fee will apply to meal plans purchased at check-in.

Students who need transportation to or from the airport should notify the BFI in advance. Transportation can be provided. It is $15 each way, or $30 round-trip. If you utilize the BFI’s airport shuttle, you can pay at the time of registration or by check prior to your arrival in Salt Lake City. Payment cannot be accepted by the BFI shuttle driver.


If you have any questions about registration and enrollment, please email Robyn Moreno.