BFI Buzz

At the BFI, we value the feedback of students who attend our camp and parents who choose to trust their students’ forensics education with our staff. Here are just a few of the things parents and students are saying about the BFI.

Student Feedback

Choose the U!“It was an amazing experience. I loved staying in the dorms because it gave me just a little taste of college. Everything about this camp was fantastic. I am elated that I got the opportunity to go. I would certainly go again, and I wouldn’t take this experience back for the world.”

“All of the instructors were fantastic. They all were more than willing to help, and had excellent personalized feedback to give. With all the different strong suits between every one of them. I learned more than I could have ever thought in just two weeks.”

“The options for elective classes were great, they allowed you to choose what you thought you could most benefit from, as well as what is most needed in your event. Each instructor taught class a little bit differently, but it was great, it kept my attention, and allowed me to expand my way of thinking. Not only did it help build my grounds in debate, but it allowed me to greatly improve my critical thinking skills.”

“I feel like it was the best thing I could have done this summer.  I feel like a stronger debater and I feel like it was good for me in the sense that I feel more capable of handling my class load this next year, about writing cases under a timed deadline, and I feel like the whole camp atmosphere was good for me.”

“BFI made me want to keep on pursuing debate through high school and college, which I hadn’t even considered before.”

“The instructors that i had the opportunity to work with at BFI were wonderful. They were so knowledgeable, and so willing to help and answer any questions I had. I learned so from each one of them and they really are what made the experience so special.”

“My experience at the BFI was a truly unforgettable one. I went into BFI with an open mind craving to learn, and my coaches and camp leaders did not disappoint. I learned more at one week at the BFI then I had in 3 years of doing debate. The coaches truly cared about their students and ensured everyone learned how to debate effectively and efficiently. Not only on a learning aspect, but the BFI also provided such a sense of community both with the coaches but also the other campers, I left the BFI with friendships that I know will carry through high school and into college. I am going to be a senior this year, and leaving on the last day of the BFI, I knew that I needed to come to U of U just because of the wonderful experience I had at the BFI.”

“I absolutely loved the instructors. They were very knowledgable about what they were teaching, but they were also very open and easy to talk to about questions.”

“I think by far the best part was the group of people, the staff was amazing and the students also were. There was always something going on, and it made the experience what it was.”  

“This is my second year at the BFI, and I can already tell the drastic improvement that was made at the BFI. Between my Freshman and Sophomore year I attended the BFI and went from a mediocre debater to a National Qualifying Debater and Double-Octafinalist at Nationals. I can already tell how much more of an improvement I will have this upcoming year because of the BFI.” 

I really enjoyed staying in the dorms and making friends with people of similar interests.”

“I liked the individual instruction provided at the BFI as well as the fully critiqued practice rounds.”

Parent Feedback


“Excellent communication with parents. I felt like my student was in a safe environment and she learned a lot.”

My daughter had no experience prior to camp and was very nervous before attending. The extemp group was small and they formed strong bonds quickly. During the camp, she learned some solid research skills and developed a real interest in current events.

It appeared to be a fantastic program and it did not disappoint.  My daughter had a spectacular time and came home raving about it.

“[We chose the BFI because of] location, cost, length of camp, reputation, and recommendation of others- in that order. 

“All the coaches were great, according to my son, and he thoroughly enjoyed his experience, made friends and learned a lot!” 

“What a terrific experience!!! My daughter thought the camp was rigorous and VERY worthwhile academically.  In addition, she thought it was extremely well-organized, that the facilities and set-up (including food–very important!) were EXCELLENT, and that the instructors and assistants were the ABSOLUTE BEST.  She plans to go back, to recruit many students from her home school and Clark County to go next year, and would like to herself be an assistant some day.  There were a lot of camps to choose from, some of which are way too pricey for many people, and she thinks none of them could surpass this one.  An OUTSTANDING value, and the college credits just an added incredible bonus.  We’re now big U of Utah fans!!  Excellent job.  Kudos to organizers and staff.”

“BFI is a great camp.  My child learned the skills to do future debate.  He really enjoyed the camp and decided to extend it from one week to two weeks.  The directors and teachers are so nice.  They not only taught my child debate knowledge, but also taking care of the routine and maintaining a good communication link between parents.”

“Our son had an excellent experience.  He has stated he learned a lot and had fun!  He was very impressed with the staff’s level of expertise and knowledge.  Kudos to Robyn for being so easy to work with in regards to travel plans and registration.  I felt completely secure in sending my son a plane to camp.  Thank you BFI for a great camp!”

“[My son] had a wonderful time attending camp.  He felt it was well worth the money he was required to earn to attend.  He found the staff to be knowledgable and helpful. He came back excited about the upcoming year.  He also came back with what we in the debate family call “the debate hangover.” That showed me you worked his brain hard.  Excellent experience!”

“We had originally signed up our kids for one week. They had such a good time and were learning so much, they asked us to extend their camp to two weeks. Amazing!”

“I appreciate as a parent and coach how BFI took into consideration and modified some of their approaches with our students due to the way debate is conducted in our state. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you!”

“My son learned more in the two week BFI camp than the entire year in high school debate. His research skills and confidence improved tremendously. It was wonderful to see the excitement on his face and hear what he learned each evening.”

“My son got a lot of individual attention and came away with his completed script for competition. He also got a lot of feedback for his dramatic interp performance so he can finish memorizing and polishing it for competition. He learned a lot and felt like the camp was a very valuable experience overall.”